Giraffes are a symbol for standing tall.
Standing with grace.
And standing to see all aspects of time.

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" Even though I don’t believe in ugly, chemo physically changes those who undergo it. But I would wear my beautiful jewelry because I didn’t feel like an ugly person on the inside, so why not be beautiful on the outside? Like I’m saying to everyone else,‘I’m not letting this body-change define me right now.’ I BELIEVE THAT I HAD ON SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE I AM BEAUTIFUL.” -Sylvia

“I brought my favorite photograph of a Hudson River sunset to the workshop because I wanted to incorporate it into a necklace. This abstraction from my mind became A BEAUTIFUL AND TANGIBLE PIECE OF ART, WHICH I AM PROUD TO WEAR AND TALK ABOUT IN MY LIFE. As a breast cancer survivor, I have also received a spiritual blessing from this project.” -Terry


"The jewelry that I created is part of a communication that would not have ordinarily taken place. IT ALLOWS ME TO BE OUTSIDE IN THE WORLD AND HAVE ANOTHER MEANS OF EXPRESSION.-Debbie



In a 2007 study: "Contribution of Visual Art-Making to the Subjective Well-Being of Women Living with Cancer" researchers Reynolds and Kim found four IMPACTS OF ENGAGING IN THE VISUAL ARTS FOR CANCER PATIENTS:

RELIEF: Focus on positive life experiences. Relief of ongoing preoccupation with cancer.


IDENTITY: Enables maintaining a social identity not defined by cancer.

SELF-WORTH: Provides opportunities for continuity, challenge, and achievement.


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EXPRESSION: Allows expression of feelings in a symbolic manner.


"Through creativity and imagination,
we find our identity and our reservoir for healing."

-Heather L. Stuckey, DEd and Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH (American Public Health association, 2010)




"One of the most rewarding things about volunteering with OGP is the opportunity to work alongside strong, brave men and women and create a unique piece of art to tell their story.  Instead of focusing on fear or pain, OGP WORKSHOPS ALLOW US TO TAKE PART IN MAKING TANGIBLE DREAMS, MEMORIES, AND PASTIMES for each participant to proudly display."


"I was paired with a participant who was an artist himself - a technology guru who has performed at the MoMA. I was challenged with guiding him in making a piece that would ACTUALLY play music. I did not know where to begin. WHILE MY ROLE WAS TO GUIDE HIM, HE IN TURN HELPED ME to think out of the box and to learn new techniques. After a short month of working together, his gratitude and praise were some of the greatest surprises and gifts from the OGP experience."


"Volunteering for Orange Giraffe Project has enriched my life on so many levels. My level of empathy has deepened and my ability to advocate on behalf of individuals living with cancer has increased because of OGP. I now feel that I have a way to use my unique skills to do my part. And where as before I felt shame in not knowing how to approach the topic, I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO TALK WITH MY MOM ABOUT HER OWN EXPERIENCE OF BEING DIAGNOSED with cancer, while sharing new ways she could use art to continue her healing. So, thank you OGP!" -Aleesha