Orange Giraffe Project is a NYC based  non-profit founded in 2008 by a team of volunteers whose lives have each been touched by cancer. Through a lot of love, learning, and laughter, the organization has had the privilege of working with fearless individuals and partners in order to bring creativity, healing, and beauty to hundreds of lives. 

In addition to a commitment to wearable arts and wellness, OGP hopes to inspire people living with cancer, and those in the cancer community, to get in touch with something truly beautiful - a beautiful that lives within, and in the life that lies ahead. 



In 2008, when co-founder, Maggie Chang, was brainstorming names for the organization, she knew she didn't want the focus to be on the cancer. She did what she often does and asked her brother for input. He mentioned that his favorite jewelry that Maggie had ever made were a pair of orange giraffe earrings. Orange seemed fitting since it is known for representing creativity, determination, and joy. Researching the symbolism of the animal, the siblings discovered that in African cultures, the giraffe stands for grace and the ability to see all aspects of time. Giraffes also have one of the most powerful hearts in the entire animal kingdom (in order to get their blood up all that neck). It was genuinely the perfect symbol for the organization's mission. Maggie and her brother high-fived, and the name has stuck ever since. 



OGP is able to do what it does due to the wonderful partnerships it has with the following organizations: The Creative Center, The Museum of Arts and Design, New-York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, Hope and Heroes, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Young Survival Coalition, and Stupid Cancer. Thank you for your openness, for your heroic giving, and for working with us in each of our creative projects.

OGP would also like to thank the following remarkable donors whose generous funding and donations of supplies have made our programming not only possible but free: The Coach Foundation, the Steerman family, the RBSL Bergman Foundation, the Murdoch Family Foundation, and the Bianca Lopez Studio of Art and Design.

And a tremendous thank you to each and every one of our talented and spirited volunteers. We love you and your giant giraffe hearts.


Orange Giraffe Project is a 501 (c)(3) founded in 2008 by Maggie Chang, Jordan Drosdick, and Julia Zakhari.